Liverpool Open and Green Spaces Community Interest Company (LOGS)


LOGS is a not-for-profit company run by dedicated volunteers. Our aim is to pursue activities which benefit the community and in particular to preserve, enhance and support green and open spaces for the public benefit. In furtherance LOGS has and will bring legal challenges. The objects of LOGS are detailed here.

Save Calderstones Park from the builders

Help stop building developments on our park and consider making a generous donation to the Save Harthill and Calderstones action fund:

Donations can also be made by direct bank transfer to:

Liverpool Open and Green Spaces Community Interest Company (LOGS CIC)
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100% of donations will go to help cover legal costs and expenses.

Public Meeting 29th January 2018 at 7pm

Please attend the Public Meeting in All Hallows Church Hall, L18 6JJ (at the cross-roads of Allerton Road and Harthill Road) Monday 29th January. Come, contribute and hear what can be done to stop the housing estate on our park.

Actions & Judicial Review

The High Court has granted LOGS permission to challenge the decision regarding the miniature railway relocation on Calderstones Park - specifically it's impact on the openness of the Calderstones & Woolton Green Wedge. Details of this Judicial Review application can be found here. A Court hearing is likely to be fixed soon.

Planning permission for the housing estate was given on 9th January 2018 and so the legal challenge to it needs to be lodged within 6 weeks of that decision. Urgent action is now required.

The Save Harthill and Calderstones Park Campaign have joined forces with LOGS and together we intend to stop these building plans on our parkland. Court challenges cost money and LOGS has a team of specialist planning and chancery barristers and solicitors retained. We have already prepared a great deal of legal work but we urgently need to raise substantial funds to cover new court costs. Together with your help and with generous individual donations we believe we can save Harthill and Calderstones Park.

Save Harthill and Calderstones Park Facebook page.

Friends of LOGS

Please support Liverpool Open and Green Spaces CIC by becoming a Friend of LOGS. Receive news updates and become more involved with LOGS activities - please download the Friends of LOGS application form here: Friends of LOGS application form pdf

Village Green

LOGS have also been active in the preparation of the Village Green Application for the green space at the Beechley Estate. To date this application is unresolved.

Judicial Review case CO/4301/2017

An application for judicial review has been issued in the High Court to challenge Liverpool City Council (‘the Council’) the granting of planning permission [application 17F/0044]:

“To layout miniature railway comprising railway tracks, train station, 2no containers and erect a clubhouse with associated parking, hardstanding, fencing and landscaping” (‘the Development’).

The location is to be in Calderstones Park (‘the Park’) near the tennis courts. It will therefore reduce the extent of the Park.

LOGS contend that the Council’s planning policy (OE3 of the Liverpool Unitary Development Plan) has been misinterpreted and/or misapplied. This development would be inappropriate and would harm the openness of the Calderstones/Woolton Green Wedge.

Contrary to the Council’s explicit statement in the officer’s report to committee, LOGS contend that the Council relied upon the need to relocate the miniature railway to facilitate Redrow’s Housing Application as a reason to grant the Planning Permission.

It is understood that the first phase of the Redrow Homes scheme at Harthill is dependent on the successful relocation of the miniature railway from Harthill to a larger area on the Park next to the old tennis courts. This location will then create a new private brownfield site larger than a football pitch on the parkland.

As soon as the miniature railway is relocated then phase one of Redrow's development can start moving in bulldozers to permanently destroy the character of the green space on Harthill & Calderstones parkland. Further phases of the development are planned to follow - on the land currently occupied by Beechley Riding Stables and the horse paddocks.

Other News

Good News for Sefton Park Meadows
'Sefton Park Meadows is SAVED - Mayor Joe says no houses to be built' is the headline in the Liverpool Echo on the 19th January 2018. Read this feature from the Echo's web site. Also reported on the BBC News web site.

Save Sefton Park Meadows Facebook page

Allerton Priory - Public Inquiry

Redrow development plans for the green space land at Allerton Priory was considered at a Public Inquiry which ended on the 24th November 2017. The inquiry Inspector is expected to come to a decision at the beginning of February 2018. A report reviewing the inquiry proceedings can be found on the Merseyside Civic Society web site.

Save Allerton Priory Facebook page.

The Objects of LOGS

The objects of the Liverpool Open and Green Spaces Community Interest Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to preserve; enhance and support the green and/or open spaces and/or public buildings and facilities of South Liverpool for all citizens to include taking such steps as may be deemed appropriate to prevent the loss of any such land and to support projects aimed at conserving and improving facilities in such green and/or open and/or public buildings and facilities to include the provision and or repair of items and education and information to citizens and such further and other purposes for the public benefit.

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