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Retraced 81/19 (November 2019)

Signed copy
Retraced 81/19
November 2019- ISBN 978-1-910401-34-7
215 x 265 mm, 192 pp Hardback clothbound, foil debossed
92 B&W duotone images
Published by GOST Books
(book weight 1.17kg)
signed by John Davies

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Before and after photographs made at the same locations in England, Wales, France and Germany between 1981 and 2019. These include sections on the Durham Coalfield, Lancashire Cotton Mills, London's Kings Cross and the Berlin Wall.

These landscapes are not just about surface appearances and architectural features; they are symbols of human endeavor. They are about the actions and legacies of people within a culture shaped over generations. And they reflect the individual and collective impact on the environment that continues to shape our world. These pictures represent a human story of effort and achievement but also the many, often untold, histories of conflict and exploitation. The photographs capture a specific place at two moments in time. But perhaps the real subject of Davies’ pictures is the suggestive space of time between those moments. His vision is undiscriminating in the best sense, compelling the viewer to draw their own conclusions.
Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Photographs, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.




Easington Colliery 1983

Site of Easington Colliery 2004
Retraced 81/19 Special Limited Edition

Edition of 50 copies
Handmade clothbound and foiled slipcase Includes book with two, 8x10 inch / 20x25cm. silver gelatin fibre based prints: Easington Colliery, England 1983 and Site of Easington Colliery, England 2004—one before and one after—hand printed by the photographer, signed and numbered.

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The British Landscape (2006) - a limited number of unused and signed first editions now available

ISBN 0 9546894 7 X
size 11x15.5in. / 28x39cm. hardcover

60 B&W duotone images

Survey of British landscape work from 1979 to 2004. Published by Chris Boot with introduction by Jonathan Glancey.

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Garth Woods, Taffs Well, 1996
The British Landscape - Special Limited Edition

ISBN 0 9546894 7 X
size 11x15.5in. / 28x39cm. hardcover
60 B&W duotone images
signed by John Davies

Edition of 100 copies
With original photographic print of 'Garth Woods' hand printed by John Davies. This silver gelatin print measures 11x15in (27x38cm) numbered and signed by John Davies.

Both book and print are contained within a clam-shell cloth bound portfolio case with blind embossed title.

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Rhymney Valley 1984

140mm x 200mm, 36 pages

18 B&W photographs of the remains of a coal industry with group portraits from industrial estates

Published October 2021
with details from Café Royal Books





Cotton Mills 1983 - 1986

140mm x 200mm, 36 pages

24 B&W photographs of the progressive stages of cotton textile manufacturing in North West England during 1983, 1985 and 1986.

Published August 2021
with details from Café Royal Books




Durham Coalfield 1983

140mm x 200mm, 36 pages

17 B&W photographs of collieries and the landscapes that surround these coal mining communities in 1983.

Published September 2019
with details from Café Royal Books






Canadian Memorial, Vimey Ridge, France 1989
Shadow (2016) special edition book with original print

ISBN 978-2-919507-45-0

10x13in / 25.5x33cm hardcover 125 Pages
46 B&W and colour images
French and English text by Jean Attali & John Davies
signed by John Davies

Edition of 25 copies
With numbered and signed silver-gelatin 20 x 30 cm. darkroom print by John Davies of an image not in the book of the Artois’ mining basin 'Canadian Memorial, Vimey Ridge, France 1989'.

This work presents terrils and spoil heaps and coal mining landscapes from the Artois’ mining basin in Northern France (2013/2014), the Durham Coalfield (1983) and the Welsh Valleys (1984-1995).

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Shadow (2016)

ISBN 978-2-919507-45-0

10x13in / 25.5x33cm hardcover 125 Pages
46 B&W and colour images - with each image spread over two pages
French and English text by Jean Attali & John Davies
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Hidden River (2013)

ISBN 978 2 919507 14 6

21x31cm 56 pages hardcover
31 B&W and colour images
French and English by Armelle Canitrot

Following the course of the River Tiretaine nord from it's source near the Puy de Dôme through Clermont-Ferrand. Including Michelin headquarters, factory sites and where the river is often hidden underground or behind factory walls. This was an industrial river which Michelin enveloped from Clermont and expanding to Ferrand - effectively joining the two cities. This work is also a metaphor for the personal, social and political secrets we hide.

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European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today volume 10 (2008) - out of print

4 separate monographs by 4 photographers in a boxed set
Japanese and English text

The John Davies monograph contains 14 colour images of Mount Fuji and 6 other B&W images all within the Shizuoka Prefecture
commissioned & published by EU-Japan Fest / European Eyes on Japan

Read text by John Davies 'Fuji City - Japan 2008'

see images of Mount Fuji, Japan 2008




Urban Landscapes / Krajobrazy Miejskie (2008)


10 B&W images
text in Polish and English

Exhibition catalogue published by Centrum Kultury 'Zamek', Poznan, Poland




Cities on the Edge (2008)

ISBN 9781846311864
curated & edited by John Davies
72 colour & B&W images
text in English, French, German, Polish, Turkish and Italian
published by Liverpool University Press

Commissioned by Liverpool Culture Company. John Davies invited photographers from 6 European port cities to visit Liverpool in 2008 and explore the relationship between their city and the host city of Liverpool: Gabriele Basilico - Naples, Philippe Conti - Marseille, Wojtek Wilczyk - Gdansk, Sandy Volz - Bremen, Ali Taptik - Istanbul and John Davies - Liverpool. more..
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Seine Valley (2002)

ISBN 2 912132 21 5

32 B&W images
French & English text
Landscapes of the River Seine and surrounding areas, including Le Harve, Rouen, Les Andelys and Vernon.
Text by Didier Mouchel.
Commissioned by Pole Image Haute-Normandie.
published by Le Point du Jour Editeur / Pole Image Haute-Normandie, France
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Visa III, Littoral / Le retour de la nature (2001)

ISBN 2 914381 17 4

27 B&W images
French & English text
Paulilles on the south coast of France, the site was originally built by Nobel for manufacturing explosives.
Text by Dominique Legrain & interview with Yves Leers.
Commissioned by le Conservatoire du Littoral.

published by Filigranes Editions,
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Temps et Paysage (2000) - out of print

ISBN 2 84587 010 8

16 B&W images
French text
landscapes from the Canton of Saint Benoit, France from 1994 to 1998.
text by John Davies & Odile Marcel.
published by Editions Tarabuste / Centre d'art et du Paysage, 36170 Saint-Benoit-du-Sault, France.




Sguardigardesani (1999)

ISBN 88 8158 223 6
29 duotone B&W images by John Davies + 29 colour by Martin Parr
Italian & English text
Lake Garda with details of the lake.
text by Franco Rella and biography by Roberta Valtorta.
commissioned by Museo Civico Riva del Garda
published by Edizioni Charta, Milan, Italy
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Through fire and water: River Taff (1997) - out of print

ISBN 0946329451 

21 duotone B&W images 
English or Welsh text
exhibition catalogue: following the course of the River Taff from the Brecon Beacons to the building of the Cardiff Bay Barrage.
introduction by David Alston and Jenni Spencer Davies with essay by Dai Smith.
published by Oriel (The Arts Council of Wales' Gallery, Cardiff) & the National Museum & Galleries of Wales
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Skylines (1993) - out of print


24 duotone B&W images
Spanish & English text
exhibition catalogue: landscapes from the British Isles from 1976 to 1984.
text by Richard Ehrlich
published by Valencia University, Imp. Mari Montanana, Spain   




Linea di Confine della Provincia di Reggio Emillia Laboratorio di Fotografia 5 (1992)


18 duotone B&W images 
Italian & English text
Boretto, Brescello, Gualtieri, Poviglio & The River Po, Italy.
interview with John Davies
published by Arcadia Edizioni &  Assessorato alla Cultra del Comune di Rubiera, via Emilia Est 5, 42048 Reggio Emillia, Italy




Cross Currents (1992) - out of print

ISBN 0948797320  

36 duotone B&W images 
English & French / English & Welsh text
European landscapes from 1984 to 1992.
essay by Ian Walker.
published by Ffotogallery, Cardiff & Cornerhouse Publications, Manchester, UK
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Cross Currents - Special Limited Edition of 50
36 duotone B&W images + cover photograph
English & French

Special Limited Edition cloth covered hardback, signed and numbered from a limited edition of 50 by John Davies. With hand made silver gelatin print by John Davies attached to recessed frame on front cover. Blind-embossed title on front cover with white embossed title on spine.




Broadgate (1991) - out of print

65 colour and 4 B&W photos by John Davies + 21 photos by Brian Griffin
Broadgate, London in 1991.
published by Davenport Editions , London, UK

more images at:




Phase 11 (1991) - out of print

ISBN 0907879276  
29 colour & duotone B&W images
exhibition catalogue: construction in London's Broadgate from 1989 to 1991. Phase 11, built over the railway lines near Liverpool Street Station, now known as Exchange House.
introduction by Les Hutton and essay by Martin Caiger-Smith
published by The Photographers' Gallery and Davenport Editions, London, UK
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Autoroute A26, Calais - Reims (1989)

ISBN 2 904 538 16 X
15 duotone B&W images + 15 images by Michel Kempf  
French & English text
text by Regis Durand
published by Mission Photogaphique Transmanche, Douchy, France
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A Green & Pleasant Land (1987) - out of print


ISBN 0 948797 10 X  soft cover
ISBN 0 948797 15 0 hardback edition of 50 (printed in book as edition of 100 but only 50 produced)
38 duotone B&W images
urban / post industrial Britain 1981 to 1986
text written by John Davies
introduction by Michael Wood and essay by Rob Powell
the first Cornerhouse book   
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Mist Mountain Water Wind (1986)

ISBN 0 906333 18 0  

50 B&W images
rural landscapes from the British Isles from 1976 to 1984
text by Richard Ehrlich
published by Traveling Light, London, UK
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In the wake of King Cotton (1986) - out of print


28 B&W images
essay by Rob Powell
catalogue: the cotton textile industry in the North West of England
published by Rochdale Art Gallery, UK




On the edge of White Peak (1985) - out of print


17 colour & B&W images
catalogue: limestone quarries in the Peak District
text written by John Davies
published by Derbyshire Museum Services, UK




The Valleys project (1985) - out of print


8 B&W images
catalogue of The Rhymney Valley
text written by John Davies
published by Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales




Aggie Weston's no.13 (1977) - out of print


10 B&W images: 1 image of Snowdonia, Wales 1973 and 9 images of Ireland 1976.
published privately by Stuart Mills, Belper, Derbyshire, UK




1988 Portrait
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